Spa in Bali Seminyak

Montego Resorts Spa in Bali Seminyak  is located on the famous Petitengit Street and within walking distance of Bali’s best restaurants, bars and shops. Because the construction continues, you can expect some noise levels.

With four major categories of planned rooms, most of the 48 rooms currently available for booking are deluxe rooms and main rooms, as well as suites. We highly recommend the Executive Suite, which is great for couples looking for privacy because it features special access across the corridor leading to the balcony of the room.

Spa in Bali Seminyak
Spa in Bali Seminyak

Located on the ground floor, Montego Resorts Spa in Bali Seminyak suite offers a generous bathroom with bathtub and more importantly, twin vanity.  With this spacious room, we are not surprised until you can enjoy the outdoor barbecue on the terrace, in the comfort of the suite. Spa lovers will be happy to enjoy the treatment in the Montego Spa Resort. Premier Spa rooms and spa suites is located next to the spa for easy access (and the tranquility of the establishment also emits).

The food is also a reflection at Montego Resorts Spa in Bali Seminyak. Tego is a place to eat all day at the hotel which offers a universal menu for breakfast, lunch, tapas and dinner. It is said that the typical kitchen is still in the form of worn kitchen such as Fred Duck (Lord 130k) and General Pettoto (275K rupees for two).

The first half is characterized by duck half-duck with crispy skin and tender flesh while the latter is a full range of free-steamed spring chicken to perfection with spicy spices. Served with corn dumplings, satay chicken, chili sauce facilities (a mixture of sautéed onions, lemon grass, green and red peppers) is to die for.

Basset, the guest at home currently get 20% food at Tego. You can get the best deal for this spa place at Spaongo. You can also be able to use autocillin.


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